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Basket Bum

Basket Bum's Witching Hour Watch The Demon Slayer Pocket Watch

Basket Bum's Witching Hour Watch The Demon Slayer Pocket Watch

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In the realm where valor meets enchantment, Basket Bum's Witching Hour Pocket Watch embodies the legacy of Witch Demon Slayers. Crafted by masterful artisans, this keychain timepiece captures the essence of ancient magic and heroic battles against demonic forces. Each tick echoes their relentless pursuit, a testament to timeless courage.


  1. Portable Charm: Compact and convenient, this Pocket Watch is a symbol of mystical strength and resilience.
  2. Unique Styling: Its vintage design marries witchcraft and demon slaying, appealing to enthusiasts of the occult and heroic sagas.
  3. Functional Elegance: Despite its vintage appearance, it ensures accurate timekeeping, blending style with utility.
  4. Collectible Rarity: A limited edition creation, each piece offers exclusivity and a connection to a rich, mystical lineage.
  5. Conversation Starter: Carrying Basket Bum's Witching Hour Pocket Watch sparks discussions about ancient battles, magic, and the courage to confront the unknown.

Let this keychain watch from Basket Bum serve as a tribute to the bravery and mystery entwined in the tale of the Pocket Watch Demon Slayers.

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